North easterly winds return- and in strength

Sunday brought us another 10 hours of sunshine and another warm day with the very light breeze coming from the south. The thermometer rose to a peak of 23.3C, down 1C on the previous day’s maximum but still 9.2C above the average.

It was another dry day with the UV level down a touch into the ‘Moderate’ level.

The wind dropped out early evening but just after 22.00 it began to pick up as it changed direction abruptly into the north west. The wind increased in speed to reach a maximum gust of 36mph at 04.58 Monday morning.

The thermometer dropped away to a low of 6.6C, which was 2.6C above the average. However, wind chill meant it felt more like 3C.

Monday started with thick cloud cover from the weather front moving southwards. However, just after 08.00 the sun began to break through as the cloud cover broke up. The wind, however, was still very strong from the north east with another gust of 32mph at 08.23.

Update on Monday at 16.20: drop of 10C in maximum between Sunday and Monday with a peak of only 10.8C. That was 3.3C below average, however, wind chill meant it felt more like 8C.