Wind chill and air frost – that’s chilly!

Monday brought us exactly the same sunshine hours as on Sunday (10.07). However, the wind from the north east was much clearer than from the south on Sunday so visibility was much improved. The comparison was underlined in that my solar array produced an extra 6KWH on Monday as opposed to Sunday for the same number of sunshine hours, due to the air bearing that much clearer.

The very strong wind from the north east reached a peak of 34mph at 09.27 and again 13.01 producing a wind chill that meant it felt 2 – 3C below the temperature indicated on the thermometer, which struggled to reach a maximum of just 10.8. This maximum was 3.3C below the 36-year averaged making the second coldest day in April and significantly 14C below the Sunday peak.

The wind very slowly began to ease down during the late afternoon and fell out completely for three hours before dawn on Tuesday. This allowed the thermometer to fall away to a minimum of -1.3C giving a sharp air frost.

Initially on Tuesday the sun was weak, struggling to pierce through the thin high cloud over the eastern horizon. However, by 08.00 the sun’s strength was increasing lifting the temperature just above freezing to read 0.9C.

The barometric pressure is currently at its highest in April, current reading of 1029.mb, as the anticyclone moves over southern England.