More sunshine but cooler

Friday was the third consecutive day with many hours of sunshine, 5.1 hours in total, but the air movement was fro. the east that restricted the maximum to 9.3C, being 2.3C above the average. However, it was another almost totally calm day, just a maximum brief wind movement of 2mph.

It was the third consecutive dry day with the UV light level at 0.7.

The thermometer initially dropped below zero in the evening and in the early hours to register a minimum of -0.9C. However, between 01.30 and 03.30 the temperature lifted to 1.1C before dropping back again.

Saturday arrived with variable fog that got denser after dawn so that by 08.00 visibility was restricted to 300m, the thermometer at that time registered 0.2C

The centre of the high pressure is now over Germany. As a result the air movement has changed from east on Friday to southwest on Saturday, but still very light.