Colder again by night

The 4.8 hours of glorious sunshine from a completely blue sky on Thursday raised the maximum temperature to 9.9C at 13.58 being 2.9C above the 37-year average. It was another day when the anemometer was statuary for most of the day, a movement of 4mph was the strongest.

It was the fourth dry day this month and the UV strength was 0.7C as on Wednesday.

With clear skies overnight it was not surprising that the thermometer fell steadily downwards to reach a minimum of -3.8C at 08.00 on Friday.

Blue sky greeted the dawn on Friday with the sun showing an appearance as soon aa it rose above the horizon. The centre of the anticyclone has moved away from central England, as a result the barometric pressure has been dropping for the past twenty-four hours with a reading of 1038.2mb at 08.00