More Autumn than Summer on Thursday!

After a bright start on Thursday the rain arrived again with a daily total of 14.1mm that brought the month total to 66.7mm, which is exactly the 36-year average for August.

The wind was initially from the southeast but variable in the gusts to 31mph and in the evening made an abrupt change to the north.

Both maximum and minimum were below average, not unexpected with all the cloud and rain, with just 15.0C (-6.0C) at 08.54 on Thursday morning and 10.9C (-0.7C) at 06.42 on Friday. This unusually low daytime temperature made it the coolest day since 18th June when that day had exceptional rainfall. Very unusually the warmth slowly fell away during the daytime and did not rise as is normal during the summer.

At sunrise on Friday radiation fog had formed in the River Og valley. Shortly afterwards a fog bank was observed drifting over the Marlborough Downs from the Thames Valley to the north that began to dissipate by 07.30.