Less windy and more sun on Wednesday before the next depression arrives

Wednesday, after a cloudy start, gave us 8.7 hours of intermittent sunshine. However, the wind although much less strong than on Tuesday with a peak gust of 22mph, came from the west, a cooler direction. The maximum temperature of 20.2C was 0.8C below the 36-year average. It was a dry day with the UV level reaching ‘High”.

A cool night followed with a minimum of 10.2C at 06.40 on Thursday. This was 1.4C below the average and, after recent rainfall, allowed radiation mist to form temporarily in the River Og valley that quickly dispersed shortly after dawn.

Thursday started dull with a cloud bank over the eastern horizon but by 07.30 the sun was appearing over the cloud edge and by 08.00 shining brightly. However, the cooler night and the sun getting up much later at this time of year, meant the coolest start to the day at 08.00 since 11th June with a temperature of 12.1C.