Wind chill in August!

Under the influence of the brisk northerly wind on Saturday, gusting to 22mph at its peak, the thermometer was reluctant to even reach 15.6C maximum being 5.4C below the 36-year average. It is still August and there was a wind chill factor that meant it felt a degree cover than as shown on the thermometer.

There was a little light rain around 19.40 amounting to just 0.4mm otherwise a dry day.

The past night was cool, very cool, with the wind still coming from the north that meant the thermometer dropped to 8.1C at 06.46 on Sunday. This was the coolest night since 4th August and 3.5C below the average. Again there was a wind chill factor so it felt more like 6.8C at 07.00.

Sunday saw the sun shining continuously shortly after dawn when it had risen above a low cloud bank on the eastern horizon. The temperature at 08.00 had lifted a little to reach just 9.7C making it the coldest start to the day at this time since 6th June.

We are currently under a transient ridge of high pressure that has seen the barometer rising for the past 36 hours with a current reading at 08.00 of 1017.1mb, close to the highest this month.