A little more sunshine but still very cool

Although the northerly breeze was still with us on Sunday the increased hours of sunshine, 8.9, raised the maximum a little higher than on Saturday with a peak of 16.7C although this was 4.3C below the average. The brisk wind, peaking at 17mph, did produce a wind chill in the morning that meant it felt more like 1C below the indicated temperature.

We had a dry day with the UV level just reaching the ‘High’ category.

The past night was the fifth successive below average minimum (-3.7C) with a low of 7.9C. This was the coldest August night since the 4th August.

Monday brought us a cloudy start to the day, which should be dry throughout, as the barometric pressure is at its highest in August with the current reading of 1021.9mb. The distinct difference today is that we have lost the cool northerly breeze, which has been replaced by calm conditions with a very gentle air flow from a southerly quarter, between southeast to southwest.