Misty, murky, drizzly

Wednesday was a day to forget, weatherise, with no sunshine and almost continuous misty conditions with light drizzle from time to time.

The very light southwesterly air flow continued the run of very mild, moist air with the flow off the Atlantic, that lifted the temperature to a maximum of 13.6C being 3.5C above average.

There was a little light rain that started at 1815 and continued briefly to 1900 providing 1.1mm of precipitation.

Once again the minimum overnight was significantly above average (+6.9C) with a low of 10.7C.

Thursday, as on Wednesday, dawned with low cloud and mist shrouding the Marlborough Downs and Savernake Forest. The centre of the high pressure is now over Brittany that this morning will continue the southwesterly air flow that is forecast to back into the south this afternoon, still a warm, moist air flow.