Dry by day on Thursday but more rain early Friday

Thursday brought another mild day with the thermometer once again well above average (+4.2C) with a peak of 14.3C. It was another dry.

The temperature fell away in the evening to a minimum of 8.2C at 00.44 on Friday morning being also above average (+4.4C). However, from that time the thermometer gradually recovered as cloud built up again to give a temperature at 08.00 on Friday of 11.8C being the warmest start to a day at that time since 28th October.

The rain began just after 06.00 on Friday from a wide but fragmented rain band that continued until 08.00 producing 3.1mm of rainfall. This brought the monthly rainfall total to just 7.2mm when the average is 91.7mm.

The barometric pressure has been falling steadily over the past twenty four hours under the influence of a depression easing in from the Atlantic currently centred off the west cast of Scotland. The pressure at 08.00 read 1011.6mb, a drop of almost 13mb since Thursday at 08.00.