Minimal rain – again!

Tuesday brought an average maximum temperature of 20.1C in the blustery southwesterly wind, gusting to 27mph.

The day was dry but a light shower arrived just after 01.00 on Wednesday amounting to just 1.3mm. The rainfall total for June now stands at only 25.6mm, just 47% of the 38-year average, which is 54.2mm with only two days of the month left. It is looking as if this will be the fifth below average month in 2022 as only February was above average. The gardens are very dry, last night just washed off the dust from plants but had evaporated in the early morning sunshine and dry air. Some of the plants in my garden on Tuesday were showing signs of stress in the strong, dry wind.

It has been a very mild night with the thermometer not sinking below 12.3C being 2.2C above the average

Wednesday brought blue sky and glorious sunshine – until 06.40, when cloud began to drift across from the south and obscured most of the sunshine.