Blocking high keeps away rain

The high pressure to the east as meant rain bands coming in from the west have been blocked or severely weakened before they reach our area, thus minimal rain in the last week and no rain at all on Wednesday.

The rainfall for June stands at 25.6mm being just 47% of the 38 year average. Loss of equivalent rainfall through evaporation now stands at 93mm for June.

The thermometer rose to 21.8C been 1.6C above the average and fell away to 10.6C, just above average overnight.

Thursday began with broken cloud and intervals of strong sunshine that lifted the temperature to 14.4C at 08.00.

Due to the lack of rain, hours of strong sunshine and strong drying winds, the ground is quite dry and warm. The temperature at a depth of 5cm read 17.8C at 08.00.