Mildest night for a year

Sunshine on Friday was minimal, just 2.5 hours, and meant a cooler day with the peak of 20.9C being 0.2C below average. However, it was a dry day with very little wind. For long periods the anemometers, both high and low, were stationary with the strongest movement of air, couldn’t be called a gust, was 9mph at head height.

The approaching weather fronts overnight meant cloud cover thickened giving us the warmest night since 21st August 2020 (15.9C) with a minimum of 15.4C being 3.5C above the 37-year average.

With two weather fronts approaching on Saturday, first a cold front followed by a warm front, rain was not far away at 0800. In fact at 0825 the frost rain drops were observed. There is a gentle movement of air, not even a breeze, but it is now coming from the southeast, a direction not seen since 2nd August.