Wettest day in seven months

The rain kept falling on Saturday that eventually produced 17.7mm of rainfall. This was the wettest day since 27th January (18.7mm) and brought the August total to 64.2mm, which is 5.7mm below the 37-year average.

The thick cloud and rain meant a cool day with the thermometer not rising above 19.9C, which occurred late in the afternoon during brief glimpses of sunshine and 1.2C below average. For most of the daytime the thermometer hovered around 16.5C.

The slack pressure gradient meant that it was another day with very little breeze, a peak gust of 9mph but for long periods the high and low anemometers were stationary.

The overnight low was 13.8C, once again above average (+2.1C) due to the thick cloud acting as a blanket for any warmth being lost to the atmosphere.

Sunday saw another cloudy start to a day, although after dawn there were brief glimpses of brightness.

The barometric pressure is begging to rose as a high pressure system is forecast to develop over the UK so hopefully there will be less rain and more sunshine in the coming week.