Midsummer – more late autumn!

The rain on Monday persisted all day and night as a large area of cloud associated with a depression to the south very slowly circulated over southern England. The rainfall in the past twenty-four hours amounted to 7.7mm bringing the total for June to 28.4mm when the monthly average is 54.4mm. It was a cold day with the thermometer not getting above 12.8C, which was a significant 7.4C below average due to the thick cloud and rain also the persistent nagging northeasterly wind that was very strong, with a peak gust of 22mph. It was the coldest day since 24th May.

The intermittent rain continued overnight and only ceased just before 08.00 on Tuesday when the cloud thinned and weak sunshine briefly appeared through small breaks in the cloud. The thermometer sank to 9.0C being 1.1C below average. The high pressure in the Atlantic is elongated over the UK and continues to bring cool air off the North Sea on the continuing northeasterly breeze, still gusting strongly.

The rain radar indicates that the extensive area of cloud and rain is thinning and edging south so there is hope for a better day today!