Northeasterly strengthens and produces wind chill – in June!

Sunday was damp with light drizzle and another sunless day, the third consecutive. Precipitation was minimal with only 0.1mm added to the total now 20.7mm compared to the 37-year average of 54.4mm.

It was another very cool day with the thermometer struggling to reach a maximum of 14.6C as the northeasterly wind strengthened in the afternoon gusting to 22mph. This was 5.5C below average.

The thermometer fell away to 10.4C overnight being almost exactly average but the persistent northeasterly meant wind chill was a factor on Monday morning that so that it felt more like 9.2C outside at 08.00. The first rain drops from a front edging up from the English Channel were observed at 07.10.

Evaporation, that a week ago was producing an equivalent loss of rainfall of over 4mm per day, fell to 0.7mm daily on the last three days.