Last of the hot days on Wednesday

Once again the strong sunshine on Wednesday pushed the thermometer very high but due to increasing cloud mid-afternoon the maximum of 28.3C was just below the Tuesday record but still 9.7C above average.

Light rain started to fall at 1920, for a brief period, but only amounted to 1.2mm as the bulk of the heavy rain sidled away to the east as has been seen on many occasions. That rainfall broke the 17 consecutive dry day period. That was not a record as there were 26 consecutive dry days at the end of Aril and beginning of May in 1984 with 26 consecutive dry days.

It has been a very mild night with a minimum of 15.4C. This low was a significant 6.3C above the 37-year average and the warmest night since 17th June.

Sadly the anticyclone has moved far away and today we are under the influence of low-pressure to the northwest with the barometric pressure having fallen to its lowest point for a month. The reading at 0800 was 1008.3mb.