June temperatures in March!

The thermometer soared to a peak of 22.1C at 15.50 on Tuesday that was a significant 11.5C above the 37-year average and according to records the hottest March day since 1968. My previous record for March, since the stone was started in 1984, was a maximum of 20.1C on 28th March 2012. The sunshine in the morning was hazy due to thin high cloud but ended the day with 8.8 hours of string sunshine logged.

With the air streaming towards us on a southerly air movement all the way from North Africa and Iberia it was not surprising to find, after an exceptionally warm day, to find a warm night followed. The minimum reached was 8.8c, which was 6.4C above the average and the warmest night this month.

Although a red globe was spotted rising above the horizon at dawn on Wednesday it soon disappeared behind high cloud obscuring the sun as on Tuesday. The thermometer at 08.00 had risen to 9.9C