Continental air arrives!

The flow of Continental air on a light southerly breeze saw the thermometer steadily rose to a maximum of 18.3C on Monday, which was the warmest day since 22nd September and was 7.8C above the average. The UV level rose to a. peak of 4.1, which was the strongest since 18th September and at the top end of ‘Moderate’. The sun was reluctant to appear until early afternoon due to cloud cover but logged 4.1 hours by close down.

Overnight, not surprisingly due to clear skies, the thermometer steadily fell away to reach a minimum of 0.8C at 05.58 on Tuesday morning producing short lived ground frost and 1.6C below the average for March.

Tuesday’s arrival saw glorious sunshine immediately after sunrise that lifted the thermometer to 4.9C at 08.00.