Heatwave breaks down

The heat on Friday again was intense reaching a peak of 27.6C at 13.19, down 4C on the Thursday maximum but still 7.5C above average. In the early afternoon a change was observed as the wind veered from the southeast into the south and the temperature began to ease downwards. The was due to the change from c=hot, dry Continental Air Was to the cooler, moister Atlantic Air Mass.

In the early hours of Saturday the first rain band arrived producing 3.0mm of rainfall. The minimum overnght was at 01.33 dropping to 13.7c being 3.7C above the average.

Saturday morning was a distinct change from previous mornings in the past week as we were not greeted by strong sunshine but total cloud cover and occasional brief showers of light rain and drizzle.

The barometric pressure is at its lowest since 6th June as we are now under the influence of a depression to the north west of the UK.