Hottest day, night also morning at 08.00 and soil this month

The thermometer rose steadily throughout Thursday to reach a maximum of 31.4C at 15.30. This was the hottest day since 25th July 2019 (32.6C) and 11.3C above average. The UV level being ‘High’ for much of the morning and late afternoon rose to 7.4, which was ‘Very High’ between 12.00 and just after 14.00.

The past night has been very warm with the thermometer not sinking below 16.3C being 6.3C above the average.

Friday arrived with variable sunshine through breaks in the cloud. However by 08.00 there was more continuous sunshine that had raised the air temperature to 22.9C making it the hottest morning in June and the hottest start to the day at 08.00 since 19th June 2017. With the hot days and very warm nights it was not surprising to note the soil temperature, at a depth of 5cm, rising recently and today registered 24.7C at 08.00