Hard frost & that’s before the Arctic blast arrives!

The effect of the north easterly winds, still in existence on Saturday, can be be seen in the slow fall of the maximum temperatures for the past five days with 22.1C, 18.9C, 13.6C, 10.3C and 9.2C on Saturday. The peak on Saturday was 5.1C below the 37-year average and the coldest day since 7th March.

The continued loss of warmth has occurred before the Arctic blast arrives on Monday.

Overnight, under clear skies and with the wind having dropped out, the thermometer dropped to -3.3C at 06.43 on Sunday producing a hard frost.

The start to Sunday was glorious with sunshine as soon as the sun rose above the eastern horizon so that by 0800 the thermometer had risen above freezing with a temperature of 0.2C. The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm has dropped from 9.1C on the 1st to 1.7C on Sunday.

The anticyclone that has been resident over the North Atlantic for the past four days is losing central pressure and slipping southwards so that on Sunday the air mass will, for most of the day, come from the west.