Cold front arrives with ‘Arctic Blast’ and exceptionally dry air.

Sunday was a gorgeous day with 9.8 hours of glorious sunshine and in the afternoon the thermometer rose to 15.9C being 1.6C above the 37-year average.

Overnight and during the early hours two cold fronts traversed the area with the wind veering from the west and then northwest into the north. The second cold front passed over southern England at dawn with thick cloud and very light drizzle that was not measurable but recorded as a ‘Trace’.

Monday morning after 08.00 saw the cloud thinning and rising as the weather front continued southward. By this time the thermometer had fallen away to its lowest point with a minimum of 5.2C. The humidity on the northerly wind is exceptionally dry with a reading of 67% at 08.00. The last time the humidity at this time of day was so low was on the 9th July 2019 with 69%.