Colder still!

The persistent wind from the north east on Friday brought another cool day and colder than Thursday. The thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of 10.3C, which was 4C below the average for April and down 3C on the Thursday peak. Wind chill as a result of the strong cool wind, gusting to 26mph, meant it felt at least 1C cooler outside due to wind chill.

It was another dry day with 8 hours of welcome sunshine and the UV level back into the ‘Moderate’ level.

The air from this direction continues to be very dry dropping to 46% during Friday.

The past night was again chilly with a minimum of 2.7C at 04.19 on Saturday that was 1.9C below average.

Saturday arrived with total thick cloud cover with little solar energy percolating through, currently little chance of seeing the sun. The thermometer rose to 4.6C at 08.00 but wind chill meant it felt more like 2.8C outside at that time.