Hail in violent squalls on Thursday

The shift in wind direction into the west brought Polar Air on Thursday that depressed daylight temperatures. The maximum of 9.1C was 1.3C below average and the first below peak for a week. The sun recorder logged almost six hours of strong sunshine. Two significant squally showers occurred at 1030 and again at 1100 when heavy showers of hail were noted with a diameter of 2mm. This was classed as small hail being less than 5mm in diameter. At these times the temperature nosed dived 3C and the wind gusted to 36mph.

Precipitation for the past twenty-four hours amounted to 3.5mm.

A short lived ridge of high pressure is currently over the UK on Friday with the highest barometric pressure of the month reading 1017.7mb at 08.00. This has resulted in broken sunshine after dawn and the minimum temperature of 5.3C (+3C) had recovering to 6.8C.