Gloomy, damp but mild weather continues

There was very little sunshine on Sunday, just 0.4 hours, as a result the thermometer was down a little still 4.5C above average and is the seventh consecutive above average maximum. The southerly air stream continued but less brisk with a peak gust of 14mph rather than in the 20s as occurred during the past week.

A little more rain fell in the last twenty-four hours amounting to 1.2mm bringing the monthly total to 53.7mm being 14mm below the 37-year average.

The thermometer fell away to a minimum of 6.7C at 05.16 on Monday being 5.2C above the average. This was the eighth consecutive night when the minimum was above the 37-year average.

Monday morning brought another gloomy start to the day as the mild, moist southerly air stream continued however very little wind movement was observed.

There have been eight consecutive days with the air stream coming from the south. This is unusual as we are subject to frequent weather systems coming in from the Atlantic interspersed with anticyclones, of which we have seen few recently.