Brief change in wind direction on Monday

The air movement on Monday began from the south, as on eight previous days but around 08.00 began to veer into the north where it stayed until just after 16.00 when it backed into the southwest and then southeast. This was due to a minor depression over France changing its position. As a result, even though we had 2.3 hours of sunshine, the maximum was down a degree on previous days with a peak of 11.0C at 15.37, however this was still 3.3C above the 37-year average.

Late afternoon, under clearing skies, the temperature began to fall reaching a minimum of 3.3C at 21.58. Thereafter, cloud cover must have increased as there was a steady rise in temperature to reach 6.9C at 08.00 on Tuesday.

There were brief intervals of welcome sunshine between broken cloud after dawn on Tuesday with the wind now coming steadily from the south again.

The predicted path of the Jet Stream shows a distinct loop to the north of the UK, as opposed to recent weeks when it was to the south, from around Friday for several days that should bring drier and sunnier weather if colder by night.