Gloomy, damp and depressing – not summer on Wednesday!

Wednesday was a cool, damp day under continuous thick, low cloud as a weather front crossed the country. It was a warm front but brought on a cool westerly breeze so the thermometer indicated a peak of only 17.5C, definitely not warm for July, being 5.5C below average.

There were frequent very brief episodes of very light drizzle that were not measurable so recorded as a ‘trace’.

Overnight, however was mild as the thermometer did not dip below 14.C, which was 2.8C above average and equal warmest night this month.

Thursday arrived with the blanket of cloud still stubbornly covering southern England although there was very brief bright interval just after 08.35.

Rainfall for July totals 18.4mm but evaporation is the equivalent rainfall of 38mm lost to the atmosphere.

The diurnal temperature, the variation between day and night, was just 2.8C.