High pressure begins to ease in

The barometric pressure indicated that the pressure rose slowly on Thursday from the anticyclone centred in the Atlantic a few hundred miles to the west of the Bay of Biscay. From that position it brought a north westerly air mass full of moisture absorbed whilst travelling over a vast the sea area.

By mid-morning the cloud was thinning and by midday sunshine was beginning to break through resulting in 6.7 hours of strong sunshine. By late afternoon the sun was intense lifting the thermometer to a maximum of 23.8C being 1C above the average and the UV level Very High. That peak was 6.3C up on the miserable, damp Wednesday and made it the warmest day since 26th June.

A mild night followed with the thermometer not sinking below 12.6C being 0.5C above the average.

Friday dawned with thick fog limiting visibility to 200m. By 07.30 the fog was thinning noticeably so that by 07.50 there was just low cloud and some brightness in the sky.