Dry, cold weather continues

The thermometer eventually reached 8.1C on Monday, being 1.1C above the average, thanks to the 5.4 hours of strong sunshine, that made it the sunniest day since 2nd November.

During the early evening the thermometer fell rapidly so that by 19.32 it had reached -0.1C and -3.0C at 23.00. However, the minimum of -3.9C was recorded at 06.31 on Tuesday, being 5.2C below the 37-yea4 average.

In the early hours of Tuesday, well before dawn, the sky was covered in very thin, speckled cloud that was illuminated by the first full moon of the year and was an eerie sight when the night is usually dark.

At first light on Tuesday there was clear sky to the east but by 08.00 the cloud cover had thickened and completely covered the sky.

Fog was observed to the north of Marlborough at 07.45 and by 08.15 had drifted over the area restricting visibility to 150m. By 09.30 the fog had become more dense limiting visibility to 100m.