Thick fog descended, most dense for a year

Tuesday started bright but evidence of fog from the Thames Valley was seen to the Northwest at 07.45. The fog rolled across the area so that by 08.15 the visibility was dawn to 200m. However, over the next hour the fog became more dense limiting visibility to 100m. Just after 10.30 there was evidence of thinning but it took almost to midday before it cleared to misty conditions. The temperature slowly rose above freezing at 10.30.

There followed 0.8 hours of sunshine, that after such a cold and foggy start, struggled to reach a maximum of 6.4C being 0.6C below average.

During the evening the thermometer slowly dropped to -0.5C at 23.10 before reversing the trend that saw the temperature rose to 3.1C at 08.00 on Wednesday.

Wednesday initially saw a little brightness to the east but the sky was predominantly cloudy under calm conditions.