Dry by day but rain returns in the evening

Wednesday was a very pleasant day with 5 hours of sunshine and no rain. However, as evening approached cloud arrived bringing the first rain just after 19.00 that with occasional showers during the evening amounted to 2.7mm. This brought the monthly total to 116.7mm, which is 31mmm above the 36-year average.

Late afternoon, the wind having been from the west all day, backed into the south bringing warmer air. Overnight the low pressure system traversed the country, and is currently over the North Sea, that has resulted in the changes in wind direction.

We have now had three consecutive days with maxima very similar that is 14.7C, 14.4C and 14.4C. As the cloud built last night the thermometer, having reached a low of 11.8C, which was 4.7C above average and the warmest night in three weeks, began climbing again.

Thursday arrived with thick cloud with light drizzle and a temperature at 08.00 of 15.1C, which was 0.5C above the daily average. A warm front associated with the depression is producing the drizzle from the low, thick cloud. As the depression continues to move east the wind will veer back more towards the south west.