Wet morning on Thursday before a little sun returned

The light rain and drizzle on Thursday morning amounted to another 2mm bringing the monthly total to 119.2mm, which is 33.6m above the 36-year average and the wettest October since the record deluge in 2006 with 139mm.

The cloud cleared late morning and a little sunshine appeared, just 1.9 hours, bt welcome that lifted the thermometer to a maximum of 16.3C, the warmest day this month being 1.8C above average.

A dry but very cool not followed with the thermometer sinking to a low 2.9C at 05.48 being 4.2C below average and the coolest night this month.

Friday saw the sun soon after sunrise skirt cloud on the eastern horizon and begin to shine strongly by 08.00 lifting the thermomter to 6.3C at that time.