Dramatic wind direction change

On Thursday the wind for most of the day was from the south west or south south west gusting to a peak of 22mph. Early evening the wind dropped out entirely giving calm conditions. The barometric pressure was at its lowest since 30th April with a low 992.2mb at 17.54. As the centre of the depression began to ease away the wind began to pick up and the pressure to recover so that just before midnight the wind backed dramatically coming from the north.

Due to the arctic air mass the temperatures have been depressed over the past twenty-four hours. Initially, in glorious sunshine on Thursday morning, the thermometer rose to 13.7C at 11.28 but increasing cloud meant that this was the maximum, which was 5C below the 36-year average. With clear skies until just before midnight the temperature dropped steadily to give a chilly minimum of 3.3C at 23.23, which was 5.9C below average. Cloud then restricted any further fall.

It was the coldest day since 13th May and the coldest night since 15th May.

Friday saw thin cloud cover from dawn but just after 08.30 a little brightness was observed as the sun began to rise above the cloud bank and strengthen. The wind has backed a little further, now from north north west.

At 09.00 the thermometer had struggled to reach 6.7C with a wind chill that meant it felt more like 4C as the wind was gusting to 20mph. However, by that time the sun was gaining in strength.

Update on Friday at 16.10: peak gust of wind measured 37mph at 13.03 making it the strongest wind gust since 25th August.