No sun but more rain on Wednesday

The thick cloud from a cold front passing through blocked out the sun all day on Wednesday, the first sunless day since 19th August. Aa a result the thermometer struggled to reach a peak of 15.4C, being 3.3C below average, 6.4C down on the Tuesday peak and the coldest day since 15th June.

More rain fell in the early hours of Thursday ceasing just before 05.00. The arrival of cloud from this rain band stopped the thermometer falling below 6.8C at 01.48, which was very cool and 2.4C below average.

The rainfall total for September has risen to 13.8mm when the average is 62.9mm.

The cloud from the rain band stopped the sun shining at sunrise but by 07.45 the back edge of the weather front was easing eastwards and as the sun rose higher it began to shine strongly. The barometric pressure is now at its lowest in five months with a current reading of 995.1mb as depressions head towards us from the Atlantic. The centre of the depression is just south of Ireland.

The air mass is still coming from a south westerly direction and very light but becoming brisk. Later today and overnight the wind will make a dramatic change in direction to come from a northerly quarter.

Update on Thursday at 18.20: Arctic air mass meant the thermometer struggled to reach 13.7C at 11.28 before cloud built up. This was 5C below average.