Dramatic change in weather

The cold front staggered down across the country on Wednesday, fragmenting as it did so, bringing colder air behind it, hence the name, so that the thermometer struggled to get to 18.1C This was 2C below the 36-year average and th coolest day since 23rd May. The north easterly wind also picked up with a very strong gust peaking at 22.38 of 24mph. The sunshine was limited to exactly 3 hours after being in double figures for most of May

During the day there were occasional very brief drizzly occurrences that were not measurable. Just after midnight, 00.45, a light shower was recorded that amounted to 0.2mm, the first measurable rainfall since 23rd May.

Thursday was initially bright but just before 07.30 thick cloud filled the sky and obliterated any possible sunshine. Overnight the wind backed into the north and the cold air mass meant a cool night with a minimum of 8.6C at 05.59.