Dramatic change in our weather

Although we enjoyed 10.5 hours of sunshine on Friday that lifted the temperature to 25.3C, which was 2.6C above average, it was 5C or 6C below the peak of recent days. The signs were there of a dramatic change in our weather. Cloud built up late afternoon and the wind from the northeast was brisk all day with a maximum gust of 22mph, the strongest gust since the 6th (28mph). In recent days the breeze has struggled to get into single figures. We have enjoyed nine consecutive days without rain.

The barometric pressure has been dropping for two days as the anticyclone departed and a depression a approached from the south. From a peak of 1029.8mb the reading at 08.00 on Saturday was 1008.7mb, a drop of over 21mb.

Overnight was again mild with a minimum of 13.8C occurring at 07.10 on Saturday, which arrived with thick cloud and light rain. Light rain tripped the automatic rain gauge at 03.15 and again at 06.15 but only light in nature and very little in quantity, just 08.mm. The rainfall for July stands at 32.8mm whilst the loss of equivalent rainfall of 72mm has been due to evaporation from the groud and plant life.

After waking to bright sunshine in recent days it was a dramatic change on Saturday to be greeted with thick cloud and light rain also a strong, cool breeze from the northeast.