End of summer?

The influence of the depression was seen and felt on Saturday as the thermometer did not quite reach the July average maximum with a peak of 22.2C (-0.4C) under cloudy skies. There was a little brightness in the afternoon but the UV level, having been very high for most of last week, was only Moderate.

There were a light showers just after 13.00 and 20.00 but the main rain fell between 21.40 and 23.00 amounting to 6.4mm bringing the total for July to 39.3mm when the average is 59.6mm.

Sunday dawned grey and dull with very low cloud and misty conditions limiting visibility to 2,000m.

There are two low-pressure stems now affecting the country with centres over northern France and the southern North Sea. These will see the wind back a few degrees into the north and continue the cloudy conditions for most of the day being so close. The pressure at 08.00 was 1007.9mb