Cooling north easterly modified heat on Saturday

Although we had 11.3 hours of sunshine on Saturday the fresh breeze from the north east and variable thin high cloud meant a slightly less hot day than on Friday with a maximum of 28.4C. This peak was 7.4C above the 36-year average. We haven’t experienced a north easterly wind for almost a month, which was due to a centre of high pressure off the Scottish east coast circulating clockwise and a small depression over northwest France spinning anticlockwise, as they do. The result was a brisk breeze all day with a maximum gust of 15mph that continued throughout the past night.

It was another dry day with the UV only reaching the ‘High’ level.

The north easterly breeze dragged cloud in from the North Sea overnight that produced complete cover on Sunday morning so a sunless start to the day unlike previous mornings. The minimum overnight was 15.3C being 3.8C above average.

Update on Sunday at 18.15: after a cloudy start to the day the sun began to break through after 11.30 and the thermometer steadily rose to a maximum of 29.0C at 18.01.