Hot after cloudy morning on Sunday

Sunday morning was memorable for the low cloud and mist that took until 11.30 for the sun to break through. Thereafter the thermometer steadily rose to a maximum of 29.0C at 18.01, which was 8C above the 36-year average.

Sunday was another dry day but the air was humid. Usually in hot, sunny weather the humidity level drops to 30% or less but yesterday it hovered around 60% all day.

We are now seven weeks after midsummer so it is not surprising to find over the past few days that the UV level now only reaches the ‘High’ category around midday.

A very mild night followed with the temperature still round 20C at midnight but steadily fell in the early hours to a minimum of 16.8C being 5.2C above average.

Monday morning was almost a repeat of Sunday with low cloud draping the Marlborough Downs and Savernake Forest limiting visibility to 1100m. By 08.00 the visibility had improved markedly as the cloud thinned and lifted. The wind continues to be brisk from the north east.

Update on Monday at 18.30: the thermometer rose to a maximum of 31.6C at 16.32, which was 10.6C above average