Cooler again

There was minimal sunshine of Wednesday, just under an hour, that combined with the brisk wind from the north west, limited the thermometer to a peak of 6.1C. This was a significant 8.2C below the 37-year average and the coldest day since 6th March.

The low humidity continues, partly due to the drier air recently from the north and that we have had 11 consecutive days without rainfall.

There was a brief air frost overnight as the temperature dropped away to -0.3C at 01.35 before recovering to 4.2C at 08.00 on Thursday.

Sadly no sunshine on Thursday morning as there was complete cloud cover. However, the wind is much lighter and significantly has backed into the southwest or west-southwest. As a result of this change in wind direction today should be less cold. The ground has lost a lot of warmth recently with the soil thermometer at a depth of 5cm reading 3.8C at 08.00 today after dropping to 0.7C yesterday at that time.