Snow grains and snow flakes but its April!

The Arctic air produced several showers during daylight hours on Tuesday. Initially there were very light snow grains but later in the afternoon there were two heavier showers of small snowflakes that were light in nature and not measurable for equivalent rainfall quantity thus logged as a trace.

The thermometer struggled to reach a peak of 7.9C, again below average (-6.4C). During showers the temperature dropped 3C. Wind chill produced by the strong north westerly wind, gusting to 28mph, was in evidence all day making it feel at least 2C colder outside than indicated on the thermometer. The thermometer at 14.07 dropped to 4.2C in one shower with wind chill making it feel more like 2.5C on exposed skin outside.

A hard frost set in overnight with the thermometer dropping below zero at 22.52 and falling steadily until reaching a minimum of -3.3C at 06.16 on Wednesday.

Wednesday after dawn saw glorious sunshine but short lived as just before 07.30 broken cloud began to drift across the sky blocking out most of the sun but it was bright. The thermometer at 08.00 was still below freezing reading -0.1C. The air is still very dry with humidity at 08.00 just 79%.