A little rain and warmer, for a time!

The wind having backed into the southwest predominantly on Thursday meant a warm day with a maximum of 11.7C. However, this was still 2.6C below the 37-year April average but with much lighter winds and 3 hours of sunken it felt much warmer.

A very light shower fell at 20.15 that amounted to just 0.4mm, the first measurable precipitation since 27th March.

The minimum overnight was also below average with a low of 3.7C at 06.33 on Friday, which was 0.4C below average. In fact there has only been one night this month that was above average, namely 1st with 7.6C (+3.5C).

There was some brightness and limited sunshine on Friday morning through broken cloud. However, with a cold front on our doorstep, cloud will increase as the morning progresses and it will get colder again.