A ‘weather bomb’ phenomenon occurred yesterday

An unusual meteorological phenomenon was logged between Tuesday and Wednesday as the barometric pressure dropped dramatically, in excess of 24mb in twenty-four hours, such an occurrence is referred to as a ‘weather bomb’.

Both maximum and minimum have been below average during the past twenty-four hours with 7.2C (-0.8C) and 2.0C (-0.3C).

After three consecutive sunless day there was sufficient brighter light on Wednesday to trigger the sunshine recorder for almost an hour.

A minor passing shower at 18.45 on Wednesday produced just 0.3mm of rainfall

Thursday arrived with variable cloud and red sky in the east predicting rainfall later today. The thermometer by 08.00 had recovered to 2.4C. The barometric pressure has recovered 16mb since this time yesterday with a current reading at 08.00 of 1003.6mb.