Centre of anticyclone almost overhead!

With the intense high pressure overhead on Friday it was not surprising that we had a day of sunshine, 7.4 hours, and light winds, a maximum gust of just 9mph. The minimal wind movement was from the west or northwest that meant a slightly cooler day than of late with a maximum of 11.8C. However, this was still 3.1C above the 37-year average.

Thursday into Friday gave us four hours of sub-zero temperatures but the past night produced just over nine hours of sub-zero temperatures as the thermometer dropped below freezing at 22.47 Friday evening.

Saturday dawned with strong sunshine again as the anticyclone is still firmly positioned overhead with the centre now just of the South Wales coast. The barometric pressure at 08.00 read 10.42.3mb, which is the highest pressure since 21st January 2020 and should provide another sunny and calm day. At 08.00 the temperature had risen to -0.8 and by 08.15 was above freezing. The ground temperature at a depth of 5cm continues to fall with a reading this morning of 1.2C, the lowest since 14th February.