Barometric pressure builds so fine weather ahead

Thursday saw the sun come out in the afternoon as the anticyclone closed in on the UK. The westerly wind, some times from the northwest, meant a cooler day even though we had 4 hours of sunshine. The air from this direction arrives after crossing the Atlantic rather than North Africa and Iberia as on previous days. The thermometer rose to a maximum of 12.5C at 14.45 being 4.8C above the 37-year average. This peak was 2.3C lower than the Thursday high.

Late afternoon the temperature began to fall away under clear skies and a full moon, dropping to a minimum of -2.5C at 06.48 on Friday. This low was 8C below the previous days minimum.

Friday arrived with continuous sunshine as soon as it rose above the horizon.The centre of the anticyclone is currently centred off the South Devon coast with the pressure at 08.00 on Friday of 1037.7mb, the highest since 5th November. The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm has dropped from 9.6C two days ago to 1.7C today.