Calm, sunny days under high-pressure

The intense anticyclone still over the UK produced another calm day on Saturday with very little breeze that on just one occasion peaked at 9mph. This was the second consecutive day with a maximum gust of 9mph, the lowest the lowest since 9th January (7mph). The sunshine on Saturday was slightly down on the Friday total with 7.1 hours. The breeze, such as it was, had veered into the east-northeast. The thermometer showed a maximum of 11.8C again being 4.1C above the average.

The past night was slightly less cold than the two previous nights with a minimum of -1.0 that occurred briefly an hour before dawn, which was 2.5C below the 37-year average. By 08.00 on Sunday, under the influence of continuous sunshine, the thermometer read 0.6C.

The centre of the anticyclone has edged eastwards to be over The Wash with a pressure of 1038.5mb at 08.00.