Another sunless day on Saturday with unusual temperature pattern

The mist and murk from the depressingly low, thick cloud was even more persistent and dense on Saturday than during Friday producing another sunless day. The solar energy level was at its lowest since 27th February.

The air continued to be humid and with the lower temperatures than last week produced the condensation that formed the thick cloud and bouts of drizzle along with a couple of very light showers just after midnight amounting to 0.7mm.

Saturday was an unusual day as the temperature continued to fall away until 09.45 when it slowly began to rise reaching a maximum of 17.8C at 23.39, not during daylight hours. The minimum of 17.1C occurred at 03.39 in the early hours of Sunday before the thermometer began to rise again reaching 17.9C at 08.00 Sunday.

In my report on Saturday I referred to the diurnal temperature being the temperature range between day and night. The variation over the past twenty four hours was minimal at 1.6C.

Sunday saw the thick cloud again draping the Marlborough Downs with visibly down to 300m but shortly after dawn it slowly began to lift and after 07.30 a few brief bright intervals occurred before the cloud filled in again.