A little sunshine returned on Sunday

Sunday morning saw bright intervals and occasional glimpses of the sun that lifted the temperature to 21.8C, just above average. There were a few spots of rain mid-afternoon but not measurable so recorded as a ‘trace’ that soon evaporated from hard surfaces.

Overnight the thermometer steadily fell away to record a minimum of 12.9C being 1.3C above average but the coolest night since the 7th. As a result of the humid air mass still prevalent and the lower temperature fog formed so that at 06.30 on Monday morning it was thick with visibility down to 100m. However, it was noticeable that after that time the fog began to slowly thin so that by 08.00 visibility had improved to 1,000m.

With lower temperatures by day and night the land has also been slowly cooling. The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm has fallen from a peak of 24.3C on the 12th to 17.1C on Monday, always recorded at 08.00.

The barometric pressure has been falling over the past three days and today with a reading of 1007.7mb at 08.00, is the lowest during August.