Warm air mass still in evidence

With the breeze still coming predominantly from the south on Monday the warm air mass lifted the maximum temperature to 24.1C being 3.1C above average during the 6.6 hours of strong sunshine. It was a breezier day with a maximum gust of 20mph, the strongest gust since the 12th.

A less cool night followed, in fact a mild night as the thermometer did not fall below 14.5C beginning to rise again at 06.18 on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning after dawn saw a bank of cloud or fog in the eastern horizon that initially obscured the sun but just before 07.00 the sun began to rise above the cloud and provide a sunny start to the day.

Rainfall for August stands at 10.3mm (average is 66.7mm) whereas the evaporation total is the equivalent of 48mm of rainfall.